Gypsum Head Chopping by Gudon Plane Head

The cutting method was developed in the Renaissance by Albrecht Dürer and firmly introduced into the process of training young artists of the 19th century by the Frenchman Alexandre Duppui. Without careful training on the image of plaster casts, Duppui's students did not move on to painting portraits of real people. Trimming is a drawing or plaster figure of a human head, broken into many planes. Refers to the constructive section of the discipline of academic drawing. Separately, the trimming of the face, the trimming of the nose and other parts of it are distinguished. Beginning artists draw it to understand the features and patterns of the structure of the human head. Analysis of the design, and frame of the subject is an important step toward professional painting. Without understanding the internal structure of something, it is difficult to depict its external data. Therefore, in the academic drawing, the cutting of the head is divided into two types - the cutting image of the skull and the directly integral head.